-1377 DAYS
Min. Points
80 pt.
Lorena Armstrong

Masters in Divinity


Hebrew Bible I 4 Credits

Hebrew Bible II 4 Credits

New Testament Foundations 6 Credits

Introduction to Theological Education 4 Credits

History of Christianity I 4 Credits

History of Christianity II 4 Credits

Christian Ethics 4 Credits

Systematic Theology 4 Credits

Systematic Theology II 4 Credits

Homiletic 4 Credits

Hermeneutic (Foundation in Ministry) 6 Credits

Justice Matters 2 Credits

Christian Education I (Curriculum Planning) 4 Credits

Theology and Economic Life 4 Credits

 The remaining courses towards the Master's of Divinity are dependent on the Student's Concentration Area and must be discussed with and approved by the Dean of Students or the Dean of Faculty. This also requires a year of Approved Supervised Ministry in an appropriate setting.



Natural Law and Human Nature

Science and Religion

The Spiritual Brain

The Binding of Isaac

Women of the Old Testament

Preaching from Genesis

Christian Ethics


Theology and Economic Life


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